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Please write down the application in English.
Each Instruction Course lecture will be presented for 40 minutes.
Please submit the application only through the website. (No E-mail submission allowed)
The acceptance notification will be sent by e-mail after the Scientific Committee review the adequacy.
If you have any questions on the "Call for Instruction Course", please feel free to contact the secretariat office.
ICORL 2020 Congress Secretariat | Tel: +82-2-2190-7378 | Fax: +82-2-6455-7332
Instruction Course Application Form
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Middle name :
Last Name :

* Please write CAPITAL LETTERS for the Last name.
* Please fill out the full name of your affiliation including the department using abbreviations of Univ.(University), Hospital(Hosp.), Dep.(Department).
Presentation Language English
Phone Cell Phone
Presentation Method (Only the LCD Projector is applicable.)
Laptop PC Bring my own Laptop Use Society's Laptop
Audio Sound Use Not Use Video Use Not Use
Please bring your own laptop connector in case you bring your own laptop.

* Agreement to Collect and Use Personal Information
1. Collected and Used by: Korean Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

2. Purposes of collection and use: To be used in the pre and post management of abstract regarding the congress; delivery of announcement; and other miscellaneous matters.

3. Items to be collected and used: Name; work place; address; email address; etc.

4. Period to retain and use: Personal information will be retained and used from the date of your abstract submission to the closure of the congress.

5. The association has right to transform and restore members data stored in the association, and consign tasks to agencies, such as management of members information. For performing tasks and works, minimum degree of personal information will be provided to the related agencies.

6. Consent to collection and use of required personal information indicated above is compulsory for the submission of the abstract.

I hereby agree to the collection and use of my personal information as above.