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CODE Guideline
The Scientific Program will explore a wide variety of topics, providing participants with an exciting forum to discuss the latest developments in Otorhinolaryngology.
OT Otology
RH Rhinology
HN Head & Neck Surgery
CL Clinicians
ORL Society Program
Session Abbreviation & Types
KL Keynote Lecture Lectures addressed by keynote speakers from all over the world
SL Special Lecture Lectures Organized with Special Topics or Addressed by Special Participants.
SP Symposium A series of presentations by experts in a particular field on new findings and experiences with a view to making recommendations concerning the topic under discussion
IC Instruction Course Practical approaches in specific subjects (Limited Number, pre-registration required)
HO Hands-On Course Learning courses with hands-on practice of specific topic (Limited number, separate registration required)
IM Interest Group Meeting Closed user group meeting for specific interests, such as multicenter study, or research group meeting, organized by society, clinic, etc
OP Free Paper (Oral Presentation) Abstracts should be submitted by Feb. 12. 2018.
PP Free Paper (Poster Presentation) Abstracts should be submitted by Feb. 12. 2018.
PX Free Paper (Poster Exhibition) Abstracts should be submitted by Feb. 12. 2018.
How to Understand The Abbreviation
Connect the letters of Specialties and Session Abbreviations & Types mentioned above. For example
OTSP Otology Symposium
RHOP Rhinology Oral Presentation
HNHO Head & Neck Surgery Hands-On Course